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Products description

Tanzania groundnuts/peanuts or in Swahili called karanga (Arachis hypogaea L.) are among the most extensively grown crops in the country.

This is an underground pod that bears seeds in the same way as legumes. The processing of the nuts includes roasting into a nutty brown color that gives a crunchy bite. They also produce peanut oil.

Shikome International exports varieties of peanuts including bold peanuts, java peanuts, blanched bold peanuts, blanched java peanuts, peanuts in shell bold, peanuts splits and peanuts shell java.

Peanuts are popularly used in cooking. They impart a nutty aroma to the food and enhance flavors. We also supply raw as well as salted peanuts as per the requirement of our clients. The peanuts are dark pink in color and are used in the oil manufacturing industry, medical industry and food industry. We supply both kind of groundnut with running type of count.

Origin of our products

The peanut kernels we export are directly purchased from the reliable farmers. We supply peanut kernels in custom packs. The packaging is undertaken under proper hygienic and clean environment. We ensure the total satisfaction of our clients. We engage in exporting the best quality agro Products to our clients under any circumstance and irrespective of their locations. Furthermore, we also engage in making delivery of orders within stipulated time frame.

We source our groundnuts from various regions in the country such as, Dodoma, Shinyanga, Tabora, Singida, Mtwara and Mwanza. Our family growers cultivate them in tracts of land no more than a hectare. They normally use farmyard manure.

We normally harvest peanuts when they have attained their 90th day after planting for the steaming types. For the roasting varieties, we wait until the 130th day or a month after that to start the harvest. Our trained workers carefully spade out the soil around the plants with dried leaves at this juncture. They then ease off the now bloated, browned pods that harbor the peanuts. They shake off the entire uprooted plant and take it to the drying area immediately.

We dry our peanuts for at least 7 days after hanging them in a dry interior environment. After we ascertain that the moisture level has reached 10 percent, we thresh the seeds off the pods. We then sort any debris from the raw peanuts in readiness to pack.

We also roast the nuts that are not meant for oil production at low temperatures in ovens that give them a crisp golden appearance. We ensure that only the best peanuts go into the oven as these produce the best nutty flavor.


We pack Tanzania groundnuts in plastic sachets that show off both the raw and roasted nuts. We feature flexible packaging including 100 grams for the smallest bags and 1 kilogram for the average measure. We feature proper labels inclusive of the name of the produce, the date of packing, the net weight and the country of origin.

We dry our groundnuts to minimum moisture content of 10 percent and then store them in a cool, dry environment. All our produce stays at 4 degrees Celsius. We transport them at the same temperature to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our refrigerated trucks. This means that you can expect the shipment to reach your locality quickly.

Therefore, you now have a reliable supplier to look up to for all your needs of groundnuts. We source our protein-rich produce from family growers who have acquired Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. We also supply you with a sufficient quantity of the exact tonnage you request as we have a horde of farmers across the country. We also make our prices among the most affordable in the regional market.