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Product Description

We supply high-quality ginger from Tanzania to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh ginger from family growers in the country.

Our ginger (Zingiber officinale) or tangawizi in Swahili is a spice whose misshapen rhizome pickles meals, flavors tea and serves as a traditional cure. The rhizome comes from a false stem that reaches around 100 centimeters high with thin, blade-like leaves that resemble grass. The distinctly yellow flowers emerge from beautifully intertwined green petals on top of the false stem.

Origin of our Ginger

The Ginger area in Same is situated on top of inaccessible mountainous regions. You will see a wonderful valley with a lot of beautiful Ginger Terraces.

Most of the Tanzanian ginger is produced here; the rest is harvested in other ginger growing regions include Ruvuma, Kigoma, Tanga, Morogoro, Coast and Mbeya.


We harvest our ginger after every ten (10) months after planting. We wait until the leaves have changed from green to yellow while the pseudo-stem has wilted and fallen. We then use spades to remove the soil around the rhizomes shallowly. This is followed by gentle hoisting of the entire plant from the soil, together with its fibrous roots. We keep the roots in baskets and then cart them away to the sorting bay.

We wash our ginger thoroughly in a pure stream of water before sorting the bulbs. We look for rhizomes with no sign of disease and with white-brown color. We cure these by air-blowing them at a mild temperature of at least 22 degrees Celsius.

We also keep the dried bulbs at 70 to 75 percent humid a condition to promote the healing of cuts and blotches on the skins.


We immediately pack Tanzania ginger after curing is over. We use telescopic cartons as well as fiberboard boxes for packing the bulbs. Our basic package weight is 13.6 kilograms. The intermediate weight package comes at 6.8 kilograms while the most flexible measure is 1.7 kilograms. Before placing the trimmed rhizomes into cartons, we first keep them in film-lined bags to arrest dehydration. We finalize the process by sticking produce labels of the name, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania ginger at 12 to 14 degrees Celsius in the cool, dry environment of our cold room. We maintain a relative humidity of at least 85 percent. We also convey the produce via our special hydro-cooled trucks to the Kilimanjaro International Airport on the same day of packing. This means that the package will be in your hands in the next 24 to 48 hours depending on your location.

Contact us for high quality ginger from Tanzania. Our family growers come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales. We keep our quantities and prices on the same footing, meaning that we keep the tonnage high and prices low. Make an order now!