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About Our Company


Our Company

Our purpose is to supply agricultural products that people can enjoy and become healthy.

The Shikome International Organic story is a tale of dynamic changes, inspiring wins and encouraging losses, overpowering lessons learned.

We are small family- based business aiming at driving small and big changes towards cleaner and healthier living across country borders and demographics.


To transform food-industry into organic, healthy, transparent and sustainable socially responsible business.


To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food by managing the production supply chain from field to fork.

  • Organic Integrity ‐ The high bar set for organic farming and food production, established under the Organic Foods Production Act, can never be compromised even in the face of market pressures to lower the barriers to entry.
  • Environmental Stewardship ‐ The regenerative capacity of organic agriculture provides needed ecosystem services that enhance soil fertility; biological diversity; environmental, pollinator and habitat protection; soil carbon sequestration; and the ability of future generations to thrive and produce their own organic food.
  • Transparency ‐ Organic food production systems, their regulation and certification require complete transparency about how organic food is grown and processed so that people can make informed food purchases based upon their values and health needs.
  • Reciprocity of Food, Farming and Health ‐ Increases in organic production and consumption go hand-in-hand with improvements in community and environmental health and wellbeing.
  • Food Security and Equity ‐ Key to establishing a socially just and stable food system is ensuring that all people everywhere have access to healthy, fresh, organic food

Promote organic agricultural products farming, distribution and consumption.


Entering partnership and training programs with small household farmers on best global agricultural standards practices.